About Christopher C. Marlowe

Christopher C. Marlowe has extensive experience as both a former Assistant District Attorney and Assistant Public Defender for the 2nd and 13th Judicial District. He also served as Enforcement Bureau Chief of the Workers’ Compensation Administration. Mr. Marlowe holds a B.A. from the University of Arizona and a J.D. from Oklahoma City University School of Law. Mr. Marlowe is licensed to practice in State, Federal and Tribal Courts, and has been member of the bar since 1998. Christopher is a motivated and conscientious advocate for all of his clients.  Mr. Marlowe’s practice is focused on producing positive results for his clients.

Practice Areas

Christopher C. Marlowe is a defense attorney with approximately 20 years of legal experience. He has a broad range of extensive litigation skills and legal experience in many practice areas and is 100% devoted to fighting for his clients.