Mr. Marlowe’s practice is devoted to 100% litigation and defense of all juvenile offenses, and adult misdemeanor crimes and felony crimes in State, Federal and Tribal Courts.

Whether a client is a public or private figure, the goal is always the same – an absolute vigorous defense in a results orientated law firm.

Workers Comp. 

As a former Bureau Chief of the Workers Compensation Administration Enforcement Bureau, Christopher is devoted to achieving a fair and efficient resolution of all medical and indemnity claims filed on behalf of an injured worker.

Family Law

Sometimes, a divorce or dissolution cannot be achieved without the services of an experienced litigator, Mr. Marlowe represents persons that need a successful resolution of their family law issues, which may require an evidentiary hearing and at times include representation on restraining orders as well.


Personal Injury

Mr Marlowe handles select auto accidents and personal injury cases to optimize the best possible recovery for his clients. 

Criminal offenses include:

Vehicle Forfeitures, State and Federal Criminal Law, DWI, Juvenile Offenses, Domestic Violence, Sexual Offenses, Computer Crimes, Grand Jury Investigations, Felony First Appearance, Gun/Weapons charges, Felony crimes, White Collar Crimes, Drug Offenses, Drug Trafficking, Property Crimes, Rape, Homicide, Aggravated Battery, Assault, Conspiracy, etc.